Life can present difficult situations and decisions for you and your family. We understand how stressful and confusing these circumstances can be and would like to help you find your way through them.

With The Law Offices of Matthew | Russell | Dempsey, you will work with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Our combined 18 years of experience as Greene County prosecutors gives us an inside view for how to help our clients navigate the complexities of any criminal charge ranging from a felony drug possession charge to assault to murder.

We have also handled thousands of Springfield DWI cases and we can provide the best DWI defense strategy for your individual case. We fight for you in court, but we also help you make good decisions that help reduce the long-term impact of an alcohol or drug related traffic offense. When you are choosing a DUI lawyer, consider how important it is that your DWI legal team has a deep understanding of the courts, DWI case law and how the prosecution works.

We are here to help you make the best choices possible for you and your family. Regardless of the legal issues you may face — be they family issues, a traffic violation, understanding SATOP, or navigating the criminal court system — the team at The Law Offices of Matthew | Russell | Dempsey offers expert knowledge tempered with compassion and empathy for whatever you’re experiencing.

Located in Springfield, MO., The Law Offices of Matthew | Russell | Dempsey serves in the municipal and county courts of Greene, Christian, Dade, Dallas, Lawrence, Polk, Stone, Taney and Webster counties and federal court.

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Criminal Law

Criminal Law involves cases that are being prosecuted by the state or city government because it allegedly threatens or harms public safety.

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Family Law

Family law includes such matters as divorce, child support, and other family areas including adoption, custody and support modification.

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We can offer unique insight into handling felony cases. With combined experience of nearly 20 years as prosecuting attorneys, we understand how these cases are handled by those bringing charges against you.

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We have the experience to ensure you get the representation you deserve to ensure the best possible outcome to your situation.

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